Custom Components Development to Enhance Your Value Proposition

Business innovation and added value in retail are triggered by customer’s needs: retailers not only strive to anticipate what buyers want but also to serve them better than competitors do.

Merging Online & Offline

Bring online shopping advantages to the brick-and-mortar and vice versa.

ELEKS will help you create highly personalised digital engagement during store visits powered by computer vision, artificial intelligence, beacons and other next-gen technologies.

Digital Transformation Consulting
Digital Transformation Consulting


Omnichannel personalization is at the core of the customer-centric approach that converts visitors into buyers, increases sales, loyalty and retention.

ELEKS helps you create an insight-driven shopping experience, combining Big Data and real-time analytics.


If you sell online, the platform you use is your biggest asset and your biggest risk.

ELEKS’ extensive technology expertise makes us a great partner to create custom e-commerce solutions as well as deploy the best out-of-the-box ones.

Digital Transformation Consulting
Digital Transformation Consulting

Loyalty & CRM

Loyalty is about emotions, not simply transactions.

With a single view of the customer, retailers can constantly engage with them at the same high level, regardless of which channel they have come from.

ELEKS helps you make the most of your CRM, reveal actionable insights and establish missing communication channels.

Software product
innovation made simple

We have been designing, developing and enhancing software products since 1991. We cover all aspects of software engineering for the retail industry, allowing you to remain focused on your business and market.

We are ready to start at any stage of the software product development life-cycle — to fill specific skill shortfalls, accelerate the schedule or improve quality.

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