Improving HVAC Efficiency with IoT & Machine Learning

ELEKS helps retailers improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems, cut energy costs, and provide visitors with a much more comfortable shopping experience.
Due to inaccurate HVAC systems management, retailers risk making their stores either over-conditioned or under-conditioned, causing inconvenience to customers. Moreover, inefficient systems for heating control, ventilation, and air conditioning in commercial buildings can often cause massive energy losses that lead to operational over expenses.

ELEKS’ R&D experiment for HVAC systems allows retailers to reduce energy losses and operational costs as well as provide comfortable conditions for every shopper. An automatic, web-based system can monitor, gather, and analyze data from thermal security cameras and humidity sensors in real time, allowing HVAC systems to react before the predefined settings (oC, humidity, CO2) are reached to ensure energy efficiency.

Case Study